• Report: Chinese man kidnapped as child uses Google Maps to reunite with parents


    A Chinese man who was abducted when he was five reportedly used Google Maps to reunite with his biological parents.

    The Daily Mail reports Luo Gang was abducted from his hometown in the Sichuan province while on his way to kindergarten. He was raised nearly 1,000 miles away in the Fujian province by another family.

    Gang tells media outlets that his adoptive family loved him, but he was haunted by memories of his home. He told one Chinese newspaper that he would recall his old home each night so he would not forget. Gang's most vivid memory of where he was born was two bridges.

    Gang used his recollection of the two bridges to draw and post a map of what he remembered about his former home on a website designed to locate missing children. One user soon reached out to him, telling him about a couple who had lost their son around the time Gang was abducted 23 years ago. He looked at the couple's hometown on Google Maps and eventually found the two bridges he remembered.

    Over two decades since his abduction, Gang reunited with his biological family. There is no word on whether or not his adoptive family could face any charges.

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