• Replacement 'Purple Hippo' returns to rightful owner


    HUDSON, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – The family of a 4-year-old girl who died after battling brain cancer has some good news to share – the new "Purple Hippo" has arrived.

    The family received the one-of-a-kind Disney Hyacinth Hippo and has placed the replacement statue next to a framed picture of their greatly missed daughter, Erin Roderick.

    Erin died shortly before her fifth birthday in 2009, and her family buried her with a stuffed hippo she carried with her throughout her entire battle with cancer.

    Outside Erin's grave, the family placed a statue of "Purple Hippo" in remembrance of her fun-loving spirit; however, the statue was no longer there when they visited the cemetery on what would have been Erin's ninth birthday.

    When Disney heard about the stolen hippo, they located the original mold, created a new statue, painted it purple, and sent it to the Roderick's home.

    Erin's mother Michelle contacted FOX 25 Tuesday to let us know Disney had kept their word.

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