• Rep. Keating presses new FBI director for answers regarding marathon bombings


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com/AP) – In a letter to the new director of the FBI, Massachusetts Congressman Bill Keating asks James Comey for answers that have yet to be provided in regards to the Boston Marathon bombings investigation.

    FULL LETTER: Rep. Keating writes new FBI director regarding marathon bombings

    While Keating commends the FBI for its work and presence during the marathon, he argues the FBI has failed to answer inquiries aimed at addressing procedural and resource-related shortcomings leading up to and during the bombings.

    Keating also cites the FBI's reluctance to address Members of Congress on the Committee on Homeland Security, most recently on July 10, claiming their absence and lack of input impairs Congress' responsibility to conduct proper oversight.

    In the letter, the congressman then turns his focus to seven questions he believes are the most pressing in order to prevent further tragedies, specifically what was done to follow-up on Moscow's repeated warnings regarding Tamerlan Tsarnaev's suspicious travels and activities.

    Keating met with Russian officials in May. He said they showed him a letter they sent to the FBI in March 2011, warning that Tsarnaev had plans to join insurgents in Chechnya.

    Keating said he also wants to know why Tsarnaev's travels were not adequately shared within the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Boston.

    Keating ends the letter by stressing the importance of better communication between the FBI and Congress, especially on matters of security and foreign emerging threats that affect homeland defense.

    Tsarnaev died in Watertown during a gun battle with police.

    FULL LETTER: Rep. Keating writes new FBI director regarding marathon bombings

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