• Rep. Keating helps father seeking cancer treatment amid shutdown


    BUZZARDS BAY, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Cape Cod father, whose clinical trial cancer treatment was put on hold when the federal government shut down, will be able to undergo treatment on schedule thanks to Congressman Bill Keating.

    Leo Finn's story spread like wildfire on various social media platforms and news programs after the federal government shut down and prevented him from trying a potentially life-saving cancer drug called cabozantinib. The drug has proven effective in prostate cancer, and Leo hoped the new drug would cure his cancer, which had started in his liver and spread to his bones.

    The Finns were excited, even planning a vacation to Disney for just before the start of Leo's treatment on Oct. 9. However, the federal government shutdown put the trial on hold.

    Enter Congressman Bill Keating. The U.S. Rep. got wind of the story and got in touch with Leo.

    Despite all the government inaction, Rep. Keating was able to get the National Institute of Health to bring back several furloughed employees and classify them as essential employees to get approval for the Dana-Farber clinical trial. Additionally, Congressman Keating's action got approval for several other trials across the country.

    Leo first learned of his cancer on Thanksgiving. He was forced to quit his job at Boston Beer Company to undergo painful and debilitating chemotherapy at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute; however, three weeks ago, the chemotherapy stopped working.

    Leo was scheduled to start the clinical trial Oct. 9. It is unknown at this time the exact start date of the treatment.

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