Relatives care for children after parents die two months apart


CANTON, Mass. ( -- A Canton father died on Sunday of a heart attack, just months after his wife and college sweetheart passed away from brain cancer, leaving their two young children without their parents.

The heartbreaking story unfolded over the weekend. After watching the Patriots game Saturday night at home with friends, a friend who stayed over woke up to find Stephen Furbush, 39, dead in his bed. He had suffered a heart attack.

"He was the best, he always looked out for me," said Stephen's brother Mark Furbush, "He was the person I'd go to when I needed the perfect day."

Stephen's wife, Kristen, died in November after battling brain cancer for six months.

Their children, Kayley, 6, and Patrick, 3, were being taken care of by their grandparents.

"I think that it's just great that they're with family and that they get to answer their questions, as tough as they are," Mark Furbush said.

Additionally, the children are receiving support from a network of neighbors and friends.

"They're going to have a book at the wake tonight just to have people write stories about their parents," Mark said. "I'll always have so many cherished memories of my brother and Kristen's brothers will have cherished memories that they'll be able to share. Nobody in this family's going anywhere. We're going to be there for those children."

When Kristen died, Stephen had set up a fundraising site for the children, which continues to receive donations. Anyone who would like to donate can visit the fundraising site by clicking here.

Funeral services for Stephen will be held Friday.



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