• Recently married couple injured in Boston bombing


    BOSTON (AP) - They were married in Boston in August, a seemingly unlikely match who fell in love and shared a passion for running.

    On Monday, Patrick and Jessica Downes stood on the sidelines of the Boston Marathon, cheering on runners in a race Patrick had run before.

    Both sustained serious leg injuries - each had a leg amputated below the knee, according to an email sent to friends - after one of the two explosions Monday afternoon that killed three and wounded dozens more.

    According to the email, Patrick Downes had surgery Wednesday and is out of intensive care.

    A website was set up to raise money that will go toward the couple's medical bills and related costs. The site received so many hits it crashed Wednesday.

    It describes two kind, selfless people who seemed like an unlikely match, but fell in love.

    Jessica Downes is from California, attended John Hopkins University in Baltimore and is a nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital, the site says.

    She is described as selfless and funny, but tough and confident.

    Patrick Downes is Boston through and through, with an "accent that makes it impossible to tell if he's saying "parking" or "packing." He bawled when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004.

    He graduated from Boston College and was "nicknamed 'Jesus' in high school for his goodness," the site said.

    "She has the spirit of a lion, and combined with Patrick's good (the most good!) heart and interminable support for his wife," the website says, "I have no doubt in my mind that they will persevere through this horrific time and will soon enough lead happy, normal, fulfilling lives."

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