• Real People, Real Stories: Kyle Corbett


    FOX 25's Maria Stephanos introduces you to a young man she says not only went all the way to the Superbowl with his football team, but who also stole her heart in her "Real People, Real Stories" series.

    Kyle Corbett's mother, Lee Ann, says when her son was born, she was told he would not be able to talk. Kyle was born with mental retardation and he communicates through sign language.

    "No, Kyle can't talk, but he communicates beautifully," says Stephanos.

    A mother's love sent Lee Ann Brady to her computer where she e-mailed FOX 25. She wanted everyone to know that if it weren't for a man named Doug Sochoka, Kyle would have had a very different life.

    Kyle holds the title "Superbowl Champ" with his team, the West Boylston Lions. Doug is the coach and was also Kyle's one-on-one assistant at a school in Princeton. When Doug moved schools, he made sure he didn't live Kyle behind and brought him on the football team.

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