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Real or Fake: Man catches bird with bare hand in YouTube video


Ever since the supposed video of a golden eagle snatching a baby was posted on YouTube and subsequently proved to be fake I've been skeptical of every video on the Internet – and this one is no exception.

A video posted by theaustinstonechurch shows a hunter walking toward the camera, someone off camera says "Comin' at ya," a bird appears, the hunter tracks it and manages to catch it in mid-air it as it attempts to fly by him. Then, San Francisco 49ers' quarterback Colt McCoy shows up.

So here's what makes me think it's real:

  1. The video is pretty high quality and there aren't any jumpy edits.
  2. If you slow it down frame-by-frame as the bird approaches, the reaction on the guy's face is that of: "I'm going to catch this bird or it's going to break my nose." That's a natural, human reaction.
  3. Colt McCoy.

Here's what makes me think it might be fake:

  1. Colt McCoy – No, seriously. What is he doing here?
  2. The video is a little too perfect. You're telling me that the camera just happened to be rolling on some random guy for no reason when a bird flies in and he catches it with his bare hand?
  3. The second shot of the guy doesn't actually show the bird. If you just captured someone catching a bird with their bare hand, you'd have both that person and the bird in the shot until your camera battery dies.
  4. The shameless plug for a book at the end. (Thanks viral marketing for ruining everything on the Internet.)

So we leave it up to you. Real or fake? Let us know on Facebook:

Watch the video on YouTube: