• Quincy teen helps save neighbor, 103, during storm


    QUINCY, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A teenager who has developed a close relationship with his 103-year-old neighbor ended up saving her life during the Blizzard of 2013.

    Sylvia lives alone in her Quincy home and doesn't like to ask for help; however, Dylan Hughes and his family have developed a kinship with Sylvia and check in on her from time-to-time.

    "She's amazing. She does pretty much everything by herself," 16-year-old Dylan said. "I don't really have any grandparents. They're all deceased, and one's in California, so she's kind of like my makeshift grandmother."

    In the middle of Saturday's blizzard, Dylan went to bring Sylvia food and noticed she was especially cold.

    "She was shaking a lot, and I had never seen something like that before. And the door was rattling as she was holding it," Dylan recalled.

    However, Dylan could tell Sylvia was wearing many layers and the house felt warm to him. He knew something was wrong and ran back home.

    Dylan's father called 911, but realized that getting Sylvia out of her home would be a problem.

    The snow was piled high, all the way to Sylvia's door. The street wasn't plowed and an ambulance wouldn't be able to get through; however, that did not stop Dylan who began shoveling.

    "I didn't want anything to happen to her," Dylan said.

    Dylan and his father shoveled at a frantic pace clearing a path to the main road.

    Sylvia was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with hypothermia. Luckily, she got the help she needed.

    Dylan, a junior at Thayer Academy, does not want to be called a hero.

    "I think it's just an act that everybody should do. Everybody should be looking out for their neighbors."

    Sylvia is back at home and told FOX 25's Heather Hegedus that she is doing just fine.

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