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Quincy man accused of orchestrating sale of 'Molly' on jailhouse phones


QUINCY, Mass. ( -- A 24-year-old Quincy man has been arrested for allegedly trying to sell large quantities of the club drug "Molly" in an attempt to raise his own bail money.

Officials say David G. Courage is charged with conspiracy to violate the drug law.

Courage was charged as a result of an investigation both inside and outside of jail by the Norfolk County Sheriff's Department that began in September.

Investigators allege Courage used jailhouse phones to have 25-year-old Cory Lyn Wojcuilewicz buy and sell drugs to raise his bail money.

Wojcuilewicz was arrested during a traffic stop near Fitchburg.

Courage is expected to be arraigned Friday at Dedham District Court. Details of the prior arrest that he was seeking bail for were not released.