• PSA from 1995 predicts shopping, cats on the Internet


    A video from 1995 is one of the hottest things on YouTube this week.

    The video features a fifth-grade class at Ray Bjork school in Helena, Montana predicting the future of the Internet.

    "By the time we're in college the Internet will be our telephone, television, shopping center and workplace," said the students.

    The unintended hilarious thing about the video, though, involves a girl holding a cat.

    "I even found a recipe for cat food cupcakes," said the girl.

    Yes, students in 1995 realized how critical cats would be to the future of the Internet.

    The PSA isn't short on awesome 90s clothing and seeing one of the first versions of Netscape Navigator brought our minds back to the days when loading a 60k .gif file took 25 minutes.

    Click here to check the video out.

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