• Prosecutors: Woman tried to extort money from victim for cosmetic surgery


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Roxbury woman was arraigned Wednesday on charges she attempted to extort thousands of dollars from a man whose car brushed against her in traffic, allegedly telling the victim that she planned to use the cash for cosmetic surgery, a district attorney said.

    Deborah Yi, 24, was arraigned on one charge of extortion. A judge released Yi on her own recognizance on the conditions she stay away from and have no contact with the victim and report to probation once a month.

    Prosecutors said the victim, who is an attorney, reported to Mass. State Police that he stopped his vehicle in the Seaport District on Sunday after apparently brushing Yi, a pedestrian. The victim spoke with Yi, who appeared uninjured, and she told him she was okay. They exchanged contact information and the victim offered to drive her to her place of employment, prosecutors said.

    An hour later, Yi allegedly called the victim and said that she would not pursue criminal charges or go after the victim's law firm if he paid her $7,000, which she intended to use for a breast enhancement, prosecutors said. Yi allegedly called and texted the victim more than 10 times over the next 48 hours, each time indicating that she wanted money in return for not reporting the incident to police, prosecutors said.

    By that time, the victim had already gone to state police, who monitored the text messages and some of the calls.

    According to prosecutors, at 4 p.m. Tuesday, the victim met with Yi at Liberty Wharf while wearing an audio/video recording device. The victim handed Yi an envelope containing $3,000, at which time, she allegedly demanded another $3,500 within a day or two.

    After they parted way, authorities arrested Yi and she handed over the envelope. Post-Miranda statements she told police she knew what she was doing was wrong, but thought it was a way to get easy money.

    Yi will return to court on July 16.

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