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Pregnant woman, 8-year-old attacked by rabid fox



CANTON, Mass. ( -- A pregnant woman and an 8-year-old boy are undergoing treatments for rabies after police said they were attacked by a rabid fox.

Joanna Martin, who is nearly nine months pregnant, was in the backyard of her Canton home on Wednesday when she said the fox darted under their fence.

"All of a sudden I look up, and the little boy was yelling, and the fox had knocked him down," Martin said. "He was yelling, 'Get it off me!' and kicking it."

Martin said she rushed over and started kicking the fox herself while yelling for her husband, Richard.

"I turned around, I just saw the dust here, the kid was on the ground," Martin said. "So I immediately ran over...I got him against the fence, I kicked him a bunch of times. I thought he was dead at that point."

But after a few moments, Martin said the fox got up and began charging the family again, so he grabbed his gun and shot the fox three times.

"He was very aggressive, he was nasty definitely," Martin said.

Joanna suffered bite wounds to her ankle; she said the boy suffered several serious bites to his back, arms and legs, prompting a call to 911.

Thursday night, both were recovering and undergoing a series of rabies shots.

Police told FOX25 a rabies test administered by the state was positive on the fox's carcass.

Martin said she still can't believe her backyard oasis so quickly turned into the scene of an attack.

"Well my kids are settled now, but then it's like, holy moly. A fox!" Martin said. "Yeah, it's still a little nerve wracking."