• Precipitation continues, watch out for icy roads



    Precipitation has become more spotty and light across southern New England, but the roads are even worse. That is because temperatures have remained below freezing at the surface.

    The milder air is over the top of the cold air, melting snowflakes as they fall. The melted flakes, now raindrops or drizzle, fall onto the cold surface and freeze on contact which puts an icy glaze on everything from cars to roads.

    Multiple accident reports were coming in late Monday night. I expect the icing to lessen as the night becomes morning, but there will likely be slippery conditions in the morning.

    The warm air will get here, but it'll take until Wednesday.

    Strong southerly winds will bring the warm air. High temperatures will flirt with 60 degrees for a day. A cold front will come through with rain Wednesday night and temperatures will be much cooler Thursday.

    Friday, it'll be cold once again with snow flurries. There is some chance of snow coming up next weekend, too.

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