• Potential Republican candidate for special election discusses gun control, mental health


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) Dr. Keith Ablow joined the FOX 25 Morning News on Tuesday to discuss his potential run in the special election for senate if Sen. John Kerry is confirmed as Secretary of State.

    Dr. Ablow is a forensic psychiatrist regularly featured on various shows including some on FOX News. He says he wants to unify behind one candidate and would give running for senate serious consideration if Republicans Bill Weld and Scott Brown didn't announce.

    The prominent forensic psychiatrist responded to previous statements he made about the Newtown, Conn. shooting on Tuesday. Dr. Ablow says he wished the teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School were armed.

    "I did say that because I think this issue is not about gun control," Dr. Ablow explains. "It's so frustrating to me, you know most mass shootings, they all involve people with psychiatric problems and we have a mental health system that is in shambles, which I've written extensively about. We need to really solve problems, not pontificate."

    Dr. Ablow continued with his discussion of gun control by saying that disarming people takes away their autonomy, doesn't sit well with the Constitution, and "doesn't go with the facts."

    "The bottom line is that assault weapons are used in a vast minority of these killings and so do we really believe that by taking these guns away from citizens who acquire them legally that the people who are on edge in terms of their psychiatric status are not going to shift to another means of committing these crimes? Of course they are," says Dr. Ablow.

    The psychiatrist says that his other policy concerns are education, tax code, and creating a strong policy that supports Israel and makes it clear that the U.S. can't tolerate nuclear weapons in the hands of nations like Iran.

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