• Pot-bellied pig banned from Brockton


    A pot-bellied pig who used to roam the streets of Brockton has been banned from the city.

    According to the Brockton Enterprise, Animal control officials reportedly received more than a dozen complaints about Porkchop, a 125 pound pig.

    Earlier in October the Brockton Board of Health decided to revoke Anthony Ruiz's pet permit and gave him until Oct. 19 to remove Porkchop from the city.

    The Enterprise reports that Ruiz accused the city of kidnapping Porkchop on Friday when an animal control officer found him outside.

    At a hearing on Wednesday at the animal control officer said he didn't kidnap Porkchop, that the pig came right up to him.

    City officials said they would surrender the pig to Ruiz if he told them where he planned to take it. Ruiz said he should be allowed to take the pig wherever he wants.

    More information at the Brockton Enterprise.




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