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Postal worker charged with stealing mail, Christmas gifts


MALDEN, Mass. ( - A former postal worker was charged with stealing almost 8,000 pieces of mail including personal cards and Christmas gifts from mail collection boxes in cities and towns north of Boston.

Steven Bozzi, 36, of Malden pleaded not guilty Monday to charges including breaking into mailboxes, receiving stolen property, and drug possession. He was released on $2,500 cash bail with electronic monitoring and random drug testing.

Prosecutors said Bozzi was arrested Saturday after police saw him take mail from a collection box and put it in his car. In his home and car, they found 7,689 pieces of mail, more than 5,000 of which had been opened. The stolen items included a computer, tablet, cellphones, gift cards, and drivers' licenses.

"It's just horrible and pathetic," said Kevin Doherty of Malden.

Prosecutors said Bozzi admitted breaking into mailboxes since November 2013. The thefts were in Malden, Somerville, Medford and Melrose over the past three months. The investigation began when he allegedly tried to use a stolen gift card.

Authorities said they were tipped off about the thefts after Bozzi called to ask about a balance on a gift card that had been reported missing. After that, investigators moved in and placed a GPS device on his car.

The post office says it will try to deliver the mail found in Bozzi's home to its rightful owners.