• Polito's Take: Who is the real 'Grinch' behind Halloween?


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – Halloween is right around the corner, so please allow me to play a "Trick or Treat" with EBT cards, food stamps, and Halloween candy.

    Did you know Halloween candy can be purchased with food stamps or an EBT card?

    You may, if you've been to any major pharmacy chain, supermarket, or big box store. They have signs up saying we accept EBT, food stamps, or SNAP right on top of the candy.

    I know some of you are saying, "Jim's bringing the Grinch to Halloween, doesn't want kids to get candy."

    Well, it doesn't matter what I think because the law is on the store's side and the welfare recipients.

    Here's why. The bag of candy has a nutrition label on the back side of the bag, and any food that has a nutrition label can be purchased with food stamps.

    Candy may not be very nutritious, but it's got a nutrition label.

    However, the better question may be why are the stores encouraging people to buy? Well, I can't fault them because it's smart business.

    Forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps, that's one-sixth of the population so why wouldn't stores market to that segment of the population.

    Retailers adapted from accepting cash to checks, to accepting credit cards, then debit. Hey, EBT cards are just another convenience for people and another market segment.

    Again, don't blame the stores or the people buying the candy. The real ghoul behind this welfare monster is the government. They feed the beast and allow it to grow.

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