• Polito's Take: What's better than a Bruins win?


    I'll bet I have your attention. I hope you hang in there while I explain that the answer is voting. Sorry, but the title was necessary to cut through the clutter and get your attention. Just hang in there for a few minutes. I'll make it quick.

    I get it, there's a lot going on. In addition to the Stanley Cup, there's Whitey's trial, Doc's departure, school is out, The Fourth is around the corner, and we're watching a no-chase of a white vehicle with a football star who is connected to a murder. However, in six months, the relevance of these events will have faded into obscurity. What will remain are the consequences of next Tuesday's special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by John Kerry. Believe me, I hear and understand your collective groans over my masquerading of this lecture on why you should head to the polls.

    Within the next six months, your future will be impacted by our government more than anything else. Obamacare, taxes, immigration and your privacy rights are several examples of issues that will directly impact your life more than a Duck Boat parade. Your wallet, your kids, your retirement, and your freedom will all be impacted by the election. If you don't vote, you're leaving that decision to someone else. They may have the same values, hopes and desires as you, but maybe they do not. Other than cheering, you can't do anything to alter the results of the Stanley Cup finals. That's it.

    Oh yeah, a Stanley Cup victory would be sweet too. Go Bruins!!!

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