• Polito's Take: Welfarechusetts


    Move over Taxachusetts. Hello Welfarechusetts. We're now one of the top giveaway states in the country!

    Let's go through the numbers. The National Conference of State Legislatures ranks Massachusetts as the fourth highest state in per capita spending on welfare… oops, sorry, I mean temporary or transitional assistance. I'd prefer it be on the baseball diamond, but we even beat New York. The Empire State came in at number seven. California topped the list. If that's not bad enough, nearly one in five people in this state is receiving Medicaid… oops, sorry, I mean MassHealth. We are number seven in a ranking of states by total spending on Medicaid. That's total spending, not per capita. Massachusetts shelled out 13.23 billion in taxpayer dollars to nearly 1.2 million people in 2011. Keep in mind, these totals do not reflect increases from Obamacare. Many analysts believe the spending will skyrocket as healthcare reform continues to roll out. Finally, the fiscal watchdog group called foodstamps.org ranked Massachusetts as the fourth highest per capita state for people receiving food stamps.

    Now, let's get to a more important number, who spent the least. It was North Dakota, a state with a booming economy. To be fair, their economy is booming because they're sitting on a goldmine of fossil fuel. But, in addition to sitting, they're taking advantage of that blessing and using it to create jobs. It's not that North Dakota is stingy; they just don't have a great demand for the public dole. Instead of raising taxes, like our Governor has suggested, they're raising taxpayers.

    Sadly, if Massachusetts was fortunate enough to have a vast reserve of crude and natural gas under the ground we'd still be near the top of the list for giveaways. Our problem runs deeper than a pocket of dinosaur doo-doo turned hydrocarbon. Many in this state believe that helping people means giving them something and expecting nothing in return. I'm not talking about some poor old or disabled person in a nursing home; I'm talking about an able bodied individual who is here for the free stuff. We have second and third generation families living in public housing. This welfare state mentality is creating a cycle of dependence that is destroying us from within. I could go on, but most people get the point by now. The problem is that if you agree, you are in the minority in this state.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. If we did have oil reserves under the ground the environmentalists would never allow us to capitalize on it. Yet, many of these same people would support casinos as answer to all our revenue problems. See? Don't find a useful solution to creating more taxpayers. Just drill deeper into the one you already have.

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