• Polito's Take: We are the April Fools


    In Massachusetts, you don't have to wait until April 1 to encounter the absurd. We have it here every day of the year. The following situations could pass for an April Fools' joke, but sadly, they're the truth.

    Did you hear the one about the woman who was hired to be the state's top person for promoting safety on our highways? Her driving record includes accidents, speeding tickets, license suspensions, not wearing a safety belt, and she has no experience that would qualify her for the job. April Fools', Sheila Burgess!

    Wait, there's more. How about the Secretary of Public Safety who hired the bad driver and still gets nominated to be a judge by Governor Deval Patrick. April Fools', Mary Beth Heffernan! Thanks Gov. Patrick, the joke is on us.

    What about a state where no one checks up on day care centers that have the same address as 120 registered sex offenders? I'll bet you would never believe that inexcusable prank. Wait, it gets even more unbelievable. The woman whose job it was to oversee the day care centers is still getting paid $200,000 a year as a consultant. She resigned as Commissioner of Early Childhood Education and Care because she was moonlighting and living in New Haven, Conn. April Fools', Sherri Killins!

    Stop me if you've heard this one before. A man brutally murders his wife, goes to prison and then decides he's a woman. Then the state's highest court says taxpayers have to cover the cost of his sex change operation. April Fools', Michelle Kosilek.

    Finally, let's leave Massachusetts alone for at least one. Have you heard the one about a man, who has never submitted a budget to Congress on time, but declares April the month to teach young people, "how to budget responsibly?" April Fools', President Obama!

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