• Polito's Take: Suck it up for a day


    I just keep telling myself to ignore it for a little longer and everything will be fine. Like when you're having blood drawn for a medical test. That thick needle hurts as it punctures your skin and enters a vein. The pain lessens as the blood is drawn and then there's a sense of relief when the needle is removed. You hold up your arm, get a bandage and then roll down your sleeve and are on your way. You go about the day and forget all about the discomfort you experienced at the lab.

    Then, as you get ready for bed, you notice the bandage on your arm. You remember the discomfort you experienced in the morning. You feel a little pain as you remove the bandage, but nothing like that needle stick. By now you've figured out that little metaphor was pulled from my voluminous obvious file. However, it got me through a two hour commute from hell this morning.

    My expert friends here at FOX25 tell me that better weather is on the way. We'll have a little sunshine and temperatures in the forties over the weekend and then the mercury will rise into the fifties for the start of the work week. In addition, we turn the clocks forward on Sunday morning at 2:00am. Like the blood test metaphor, this will hurt on Monday morning, but you will feel great when your commute home that night is in daylight.
    See? No pain, no gain. Today hurts, but it will make the arrival of spring all the sweeter.

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