• Polito's Take: Politicians run from corpse


    Can you hear that? It's the deafening sound of silence from our elected officials. They don't want to be anywhere near a microphone or camera if the question of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's burial is the topic. By running from this issue they're showing their true colors: political cowardice and hypocrisy. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still the first one to say let's get government out of the way of people. However, this situation someone needs to take the bull by the horns, it requires leadership. Sadly, we're lacking.

    Let's start with the congressman who represents the district where Tamerlan's body is being stored. Worcester's own Jim McGovern. The congressman who makes Barney Frank look middle of the road isn't exactly out in front on this issue. This is about all we've heard from him, a statement released Monday: "I am in regular contact with the appropriate authorities in an attempt to find a resolution to this situation as quickly as possible. Our focus needs to remain on the victims of the bombings and their families."

    Congressman, in the words of Ted Knight, "Well, we're waiting!" McGovern's office was too busy Monday putting out press releases about how he's recovered some of Ernest Hemingway's original papers from Cuba. I'll spare you the picture of McGovern standing next to Fidel Castro from a few years ago.

    Next Governor Deval Patrick, who said, "First of all, this isn't a state or a federal issue. It's the family's issue and the family has some options. I assume they will make a decision soon."

    With all due respect Governor, since when have you subscribed to the notion that families can solve their own problems? You don't have that attitude when it comes to welfare. Let's hand out more, to help encourage a rising rate of illegitimacy. No, that's when it's the government's job to come in and do the family's work.

    Look, politicians will hold a hearing on anything, from baseball to making a better cup of coffee. They'll do anything to get themselves attention. But they won't for this situation because it will take guts and leadership to fix.

    Allow me to step in and show some guts. The bill for police protection at the funeral home is already at $30,000. The family can't figure out what they're going to do. Fine, until they decide, let's bury Tamerlan on the grounds of a state prison. There are bodies buried of criminals who have died and no one claimed the remains. That way he's in the ground, and we don't need any extra police to protect him. Also, his grave will not be open to the public. No worries of it being vandalized or becoming a terrorist shrine. There, now was that so difficult?

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