• Polito's Take: Poetic Justice



    We have the right to make a choice
    On who we want to speak our voice.
    When we do the elections, and our candidates have won
    They go to Washington and get nothing done.
    Partisan government is what they create
    And the American public has become irate.
    The Sequester cuts have been born,
    From this "government" that is extremely torn.
    Dems and Republicans don't know what to do,
    So pointing fingers is what they fall to.
    People's jobs lost, and money erased,
    While lawmakers shout and fight face to face.

    What results from these cuts are yet to be discovered
    But we all know that the trouble in Washington has been uncovered.
    People are stubborn, people are bickering,
    While the middle class struggles to keep on kicking.
    All I ask them is to not leave us for dead,
    And for God to please bless America for what lies ahead.

    - Victor Imparato

    Out of the mouths of babes oft times come gems. In this case, it's not a babe, but a fourteen year old eighth grader from Shrewsbury. I obtained a copy of this poem by Victor Imparato. It is both triumph and tragedy that this young man was able to encapsulate the current plight of our nation in just eighteen lines of prose. It's remarkable that a teen would have the insight. It's sad that at such a young age he already understands our leaders have failed us. It's equally pathetic that people two and three times his age have not come to the same conclusion.

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