• Polito's Take: On bended knee


    As I write this blog, I am kneeling and praying that Cardinal Bernard Law will be banished to a cloistered monastery for the rest of his life. For those of you who don't know what cloistered means, a cloistered monastery is a humble existence, lots of silence, and no gourmet Italian meals. It's like being sent to your room by God.

    Cardinal Law resigned as Archbishop of Boston in 2002, after being accused of covering up for pedophile priests. Despite the scandal, he returned to the Vatican and was appointed to an honorary position at the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. This added insult to injury for victims of clergy abuse.

    Cardinal Law has retired, but he still lives in a luxury apartment in the cathedral complex. Last week, Pope Francis visited the cathedral. According to the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, Cardinal Law was in the cathedral to watch the Pope pray. But when Pope Francis recognized him, he immediately ordered that Law be removed. He went on to say, "He is not to come to this church anymore." The Vatican has since denied this report.

    I hope the Italian newspaper is correct. Maybe there's a new approach by Pope Francis and the Vatican to pedophile priests and the church hierarchy who covered for them. Cardinal Bernard Law is just as guilty as any pedophile priest. He may not have touched a child, but he's done just as much evil. He should spend every day begging for forgiveness, praying for it, and living a monastic existence. Remember Cardinal, when you heard confessions and told people to go kneel in a pew and say 10 Hail Mary's and an Act of Contrition? Did you accept the sacrament of confession following your resignation?

    I also believe that pedophile priests should have been sent to monasteries instead of being defrocked. They took a vow of obedience. Send them all to a monastery, to pray, meditate and grow their own food. Think about it. If I did something wrong here at FOX 25, I would not be sent to a behind the scenes job, where I could continue to work and be out of sight. Instead, I'd be out the door, but that's the worst that could happen. I could still go on with my life. The church has the authority to make their people stay, confess their sins, and do penance or face excommunication.

    It's overdue, it will never remove the stain from the church or completely heal the victims, but it's a good start.

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