• Polito's Take: NRA backfire


    The National Rifle Association does a lot of good, especially in the area of teaching gun safety to hunters. One of their most important lessons is about taking good aim and knowing what you're shooting at before pulling the trigger. Most hunting accidents are a result of people who shoot without identifying the target. Ironically, the NRA is not practicing what they preach.

    The NRA actually sprayed Newtown with robocalls and mailings to help defeat gun control legislation in Connecticut. I don't even want to hear an explanation or defense of this because it's inexcusable.

    This is the kind of incompetent and insensitive behavior I've come to expect from our state government. Maybe the NRA should consider that if a second amendment rights supporter like me is offended, how do they think it looks to people who don't have a strong opinion either way on the gun issue?

    The people of Newtown should be left alone. If they want to participate in the debate it should be their decision. By the way, it's equally disgusting when gun control advocates exploit victims and their survivors to further their political agenda. The abhorrent behavior on both sides of this issue is not illegal; it's an expression of free speech. This whole thing reminds me of the debate over building a mosque at Ground Zero. Sure, people have a right to practice their constitutional freedoms, wherever and whenever they want. For the NRA, it is freedom of speech, for the mosque supporters, it is freedom of religion. But just because you have the right that does not always make it right. Some places are sacred ground and should be treated that way.

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