• Polito's Take: Mumbles' memoir


    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- The next chapter in the life of Boston's longest serving mayor will involve writing.

    Mayor Thomas Menino is planning to pen a memoir on his 20 years as Boston. He's working with Jack Beatty, the man who wrote the biography of another legendary Boston mayor, James Michael Curley. I hope the mayor is not planning to dictate his thoughts to Beatty because there will be much lost in the translation unless of course Beatty is fluent in "Menino-isms." Perhaps there could be an interpreter. While they work that out, here are suggestions for some of the chapters.

    The first chapter should be called, "The Right Place At The Right Time." There's an old expression, I'd rather be lucky than smart. Menino just happened to be council president when former mayor Ray Flynn was tapped to be President Clinton's ambassador to the Vatican. Menino assumed the post, held it for four months and then won it in an election.

    Another chapter could be entitled, "Gaelic Smothered In Garlic." In a town where Irish politicians have dominated, Menino created a machine to rival any of his Hibernian forbearers. He was the first non-Irish mayor of Boston since 1930.

    Of course, there needs to be a chapter called, "What's in a name?" This is especially true for local professional athletes. Who could forget Varitek splitting the uprights?

    Or, Wes Weckler, and Rob Grabowski, otherwise known as Gonk. Then there's Vince Wilcock, and last but not least, the Celtics' KJ and Hondo.

    If the mayor wants to sell a lot of books and make loads of money, he should not hire a professional to do the book on tape. He should record his own words. However, I think the audio book will need an accompanying glossary to help the listener understand the Menino-isms.

    Finally, I know Mayor Menino is partial to the title "My Way," but he should take my advice. I'll be very serious here because Mayor Menino did something that took courage and integrity when he decided to not run for re-election due to failing health. I don't think it's a stretch to assume he could have won again. Instead, he showed his love for his city, knew he was not up for the job and stepped aside. That's a tough thing to do. Think about the people or characters who have not been able to exit when they're on top or when it's their time. I suggest the mayor name his memoir, "Knowing When To Say When."

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