• Polito's Take: Markey is the old white guy


    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Election Day is June 25, get out and vote. Vote for the Democrat of your choice. Take your pick: Ed Markey or Gabriel Gomez.

    Actually, the Democrats are running against themselves. Think about it. The Democratic Party's mantra is that they are the party of progressive ideas and minorities while Republicans represent the aging white establishment. On June 25, you will be asked to choose between the liberal Hispanic and the old white guy for U.S. Senate. The difference is the old white guy is Democrat Ed Markey. Oops, looks like Democrats have a real dilemma. How can they attack Gabriel Gomez without behaving in a manner they always project on conservatives? What is worse for Democrats is that their problems don't end there.

    Gabriel Gomez is one of the greatest threats to the Democrat's ability to corner the market for minority support. He is also a problem for the conservative wing of the Republican Party. He's almost like a hybrid vehicle. Sometimes he's fueled by conservative ideology and then he can instantly switch to liberal propulsion. It's too early to determine which side will drive him more. In the meantime, this race just got exciting. I'm looking forward to some political fireworks before Independence Day.

    I'm expecting that Ed Markey will continue to paint Gabriel Gomez as a devotee of the Tea Party and a tool of Karl Rove. Gabriel Gomez is pro-gun control, pro-Roe v. Wade, and pro-Obama immigration plan. What will the attack ads say? "Vote Ed Markey, he's more liberal than Gabriel Gomez."

    I'm also predicting that my main stream media colleagues will not afford Gomez the same adulation they heap on liberal minority candidates. Instead, they will be punished for disproving the liberal narrative that the Republican Party is for old, rich, bigoted white men. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but isn't Ed Markey and old, rich white man? I can't speak for any bigotry, but he does show some disdain for living in his district.

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