• Polito's Take: Making slackers into terrorists


    We were told that racial profiling for terrorists is wrong. I agree because things are rapidly changing. There is a new type of terrorist and terrorism sympathizer out there and they're not the usual suspects -- like a man from the Middle East who is radicalized at a mosque. While that type is still a threat, the new threat comes in the form of pot-smoking, video game-playing slackers. I think it's time to put some of the people who live in their parent's basement and don't have jobs on the terror watch list.

    Consider the two bombing suspects: Their uncle called them losers and he was right. They didn't have jobs, they liked to smoke pot -- maybe deal it -- and they didn't work.

    It appears that Dzhokhar was not a stellar student. Tamerlan went to Bunker Hill Community College and I doubt he was an honor roll student.

    These two had access to something that radicalized them: the Internet. Even the laziest of losers can go online and with the click of a mouse, tap into all the good and bad the world has to offer. Suddenly, two young men with no ambition got motivated. Not to build, but to destroy.

    While the Internet is relatively new, young aimless people have always been fertile ground for hate mongers looking to grow their ranks. It's just so much easier for them now. Imagine if Adolph Hitler had the Internet instead of looking for young, impressionable stooges in beer halls?

    So here's the question: How many more losers are out there? Not just the terrorists, but terrorist sympathizers like the three who were arrested this week.

    We don't know much about their backgrounds, yet, but it looks like they were also losers, slackers, and poor students.

    Case in point: Two of these guys had a "terrorista" license plate on the car they shared. They reportedly said that it was just a joke. One of them lost his student visa for failing to attend class. See? These guys were slackers who didn't take any of this seriously. I don't know if they had radical views like the bombing brothers but they certainly were sympathetic and tried to protect Dzhokhar from prosecution.

    They too got ambitious, but not to do good.

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