• Polito's Take: Krafts play Fantasy Football


    From FOX 25 News Commentator Jim Polito:

    It should now be apparent to the Kraft organization that they were played by Aaron Hernandez. This guy had no intention of shedding his thug lifestyle once he crossed over into the big time. In addition, the Krafts themselves were playing fantasy football by thinking they made a good pick. All the warning signs were there. Perhaps Robert Kraft's belief that Hernandez would be a good addition to the team and clean up his act was rooted in wishful thinking.

    The Kraft organization has to realize that they have lost their way. I'm not saying they have adopted the Raider's philosophy of taking anybody with a criminal record as long as they have a great record on the field. What happened to the Krafts can happen to any of us. We sometimes compromise our values for money, friendship, or comfort. How many times have we each defended a friend or family member for a transgression instead of taking a stand? Some people call it tough love. Aaron Hernandez is the proverbial "out-of-control-alcoholic-father-who-just-happens-to-be-a-good-provider-for-his-family." As long as the bills are paid and everyone is happy the drinking continues. When the father plows into another car and injures or kills an innocent driver the family stands firm. It's the most basic concept of substance abuse: enablers. The Krafts are probably the least guilty of enabling bad boy athletes to take the field, but they're on a slippery slope. By the way, we're not helping by expecting the Patriots to win championships. We too are enablers to the perpetuating the problem.

    The first step in any recovery is admitting there is a problem. I believe the Krafts have done that by distancing themselves from Hernandez leading up to today's arrest and now cutting him. However, they now need to begin the hard work of fixing the problem. Any addict will tell you that's the most difficult challenge. One day at a time.

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