• Polito's Take: A Titanic extortion


    When the Titanic was sinking, the call went out for women and children first. Those brave men cared so much about their families that they were willing to sacrifice their seats in a lifeboat and ultimately their lives, so that others would survive. Too bad that same call goes out when our government is short on cash and needs to lighten its load. What makes this even worse is that our brave elected officials and bureaucrats include grandma and grandpa.

    How many times have you heard that children and seniors will suffer the most if the dreaded sequestration "cuts" go into effect? (I highlighted cuts because the sequestration only cuts the growth in spending, it does not reduce spending.) Why is it that when faced with a crisis, the government throws our most vulnerable overboard while they sit comfortably in the lifeboat? Think about it. It's their way of making us pay more taxes; it's extortion. They claim that if you oppose raising taxes or increasing government spending, you're hurting children and seniors. When the truth is, the government is holding the vulnerable hostage and they're not afraid to harm them to save their own necks. Remember J Bruce Ismay? He was president of the company that owned Titanic. He jumped in a lifeboat ahead of women and children and lived to the ripe old age of 74.

    Think about your own family. If you were having financial difficulties, would your first attempts at cutting back come at the expense of your children? If you cared for an elderly parent, would you threaten to toss them out on the street at the first sign of money troubles? Of course not, you'd do everything you could to save money in other aspects of your life before your treasured loved ones would feel the pinch.

    Keep this in mind as you hear the constant call for women and children first from Uncle Sam. Remember, he'll still take a Caribbean cruise after cutting Junior's education and flattening the tires for Grandma's meals on wheels.

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