• Polito's Take: A Rush to Justice; Dead and Alive


    Nearly one hundred and three hours from the first blast on Monday and suspect #2 is in custody. His older brother, suspect #1, killed during an early morning shoot-out with police. I'm savoring this moment, but now the hard work begins.

    The investigation will continue. We will learn the sick and twisted justifications of these two killers. The trail that led to the bombings will be traced back and possibly uncover more guilty parties. There may be finger pointing and second guessing.

    The city will get back on its feet, but our collective exhale will be short lived. Like the days following 9/11, we will experience a heightened state of anxiety in all aspects of our daily activities.

    We will bind the wounds of the injured and mourn the dead. We will console those who lost loved ones. Sympathy and service will be our call to action.

    Finally, we were hit hard and our innocence was lost… again. Whether you were directly touched by this senseless act or not, we will never be the same.

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