• Polito: Senate Race Scott-Free?


    Don't be surprised if Scott Brown does not make another run at the Senate. I don't have any insider information, just a hunch coupled with some reliable political instincts.

    Brown shot up into the stratosphere when he defeated democrat AG Martha Coakley and was riding high on the national stage. Remember? There was even talk of him being an eventual presidential contender. Well, you don't need to be Stephen Hawking to recognize that every meteor eventually crashes to the surface. Brown fell hard. I'm not going to dissect why and how it happened. There were many reasons and they were not all Brown's fault, not even close.

    There are three things you should know about Brown. He's smart, a hard worker, and a fierce competitor. I have a younger friend who recently guarded Brown during a basketball game. He figured his youthful advantage would trump Brown's talent. My friend spent some quality time on his backside. With that in mind, you would think that he would not back away from a fight. You forgot already, I said he was smart too.

    Despite his loss, Brown is still a very valuable commodity. He's good looking, charming, funny, and still maintains a positive national profile. It's safe to assume that the rumors are true and he's being courted by cable news operations, law firms, and lobbying groups. He could walk away from this Senate race and walk into a great high profile and high-paying gig.

    Tomorrow night, the Mass GOP elects a new chair. Brown has his favorite candidate, and the conservatives in the party have theirs. If his horse loses, his chances of running get even slimmer. If his horse wins, he still has to run atop a bitterly divided party. This scenario covers a run for governor too.

    So here's what I think Scott Brown is pondering tonight: Do I follow my heart or my head?

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