• Polito: ‘Not surprised’ Murray not running


    From Fox 25 news commentator Jim Polito:

    I'm not too surprised that Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray has made the decision to not run for governor.

    Being from Worcester, Murray's home, I have a unique perspective. I live around the corner from Murray and drive by his house frequently. He's rarely home and insiders have been telling me for years that his family life has suffered.

    Like all of us, he needs a balance between family and career. So, I do believe a portion of his explanation. However, his denial that this has nothing to do with his car wreck scandal and the investigation of a corrupt political ally is disingenuous.

    Tim Murray had a lot to overcome before he could try to get people to focus on his candidacy. He's flawed and his problems would hang like an albatross around his neck, in a primary and against a republican nominee for governor.

    That being said, there could be more intrigue to this story.

    It's no secret that Tim Murray wanted to be governor more than anything else. Ask anyone who's come within three feet of the guy.

    So why would he give it all up right now? The political animal in me smells two things: A deal by the state democrat party to keep him out of the race so that a less-flawed candidate can step up or an impending legal entanglement.

    Stay tuned!

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