• Polito: McLaughlin tweets for feds


    If he doesn't already have one, Michael McLaughlin should open a Twitter account. The disgraced former head of the Chelsea Housing Authority is singing like a bird. The difference is that McLaughlin is only singing to the feds and possibly a grand jury, not a group of followers. I'm speculating that his tweets would be loaded with hashtags like #MurrayTookCash or #TimMadeMeDoIt. We'll only get to see them if and when there's an indictment.

    I don't know who the feds are after and what McLaughlin can give them. My experience and my instincts tell me that Murray is the most likely target.

    Do you remember I said feds have a sense of irony and timing? Let's review. On Friday, January 18th, Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray announced that he would not run for governor.

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    Then, out of the blue and just five days later, the feds dropped a four count indictment on Murray's former political ally McLaughlin. The feds said McLaughlin lied to them about his salary at the Chelsea Housing Authority. He claimed to be making around $160,000 in taxpayer paid salary. In fact, he was earning double that amount.

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    The very next day, we learned that Murray, one of his aides, and McLaughlin were accused of illegally collecting campaign contributions. The state's Office of Campaign and Political Finance turned the matter over to Attorney General Martha Coakley for investigation.

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    Finally, just four weeks after being indicted, McLaughlin cops a guilty plea and volunteers to cooperate with the feds in future prosecutions. That's quite a timeline.

    There's another very important timeline, it's between now and May 14. That's the day McLaughlin will be sentenced and the feds are recommending very little punishment if he cooperates. That means there are about 90 days for him to get in front of a grand jury and provide enough evidence to produce an indictment.

    Murray's relationship with McLaughlin goes back almost eight years. The two used each other for their own political gain. Murray needed campaign money, McLaughlin wanted more power. When McLaughlin got in trouble, Murray turned his back on him. Now, the tables are turned.

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