• Polito: Hometown heroes


    It's very difficult for me to express in words how proud I am to be a Massachusetts native. Like many things in life, I often take it for granted. The events of the past few days have moved me from sickening horror to heartbreak, rage, and finally, great pride. Today, I witnessed a unity among people that is almost impossible to accomplish. Our petty differences were put aside in favor of the greater good. I'm not talking about the interfaith service, even though it was a poignant and uplifting ceremony. I'm referring to the cooperation that brought about the successful identification of two suspects in the Marathon bombing.

    The media and law enforcement are sometimes at odds. We are the same in that we both seek the truth, but we have differing agendas and objectives. However, we live, raise families and work in the same community. As individuals, we felt the same sense of shock, sadness and anger. Within hours of the two blasts, law enforcement officials asked us to help them in providing important information to the public. In addition, they used our airwaves in an appeal to people who may have pictures, video, or other information regarding the bombing.

    You know the rest of the story. Evidence was collected and now the hunt is on for those who perpetrated this heinous and senseless slaughter of innocent human life. But what I want you to remember is that FOX 25 viewers were the catalyst that brought media and law enforcement together. It was one of our viewers who came forward with a crucial piece of evidence. By now, you've seen the picture showing suspect 2 walking away after placing the bomb. That image will be one of the most damning pieces of evidence in the conviction of those responsible and it came from a FOX 25 viewer who was simply snapping photos of the race. Their efforts, along with thousands of others, will help us to feel safer under the calming salve of justice.

    In my short tenure here, I have witnessed countless examples of viewers coming forward to help solve a crime, reunite loved ones, or simply offer a helping hand. I'm calling them viewers, but they are neighbors. Good neighbors who step up whether they are asked or not. Today Governor Deval Patrick said, "Massachusetts invented America." I agree. We created more than just a country, we forged a culture where good always conquers evil.

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