• Polito: Frankly, Barney is a better choice


    As I write this, I'm gulping down antacid to ease the painful digestion of the giant crow I'm swallowing.

    Here it is: Barney Frank would have been a better choice to keep Senator Kerry's seat warm until June 25th. There, I said it and it really hurts.

    What's worse is that I have been anticipating this day with great excitement. I was hoping Governor Patrick would ignore Barney's obnoxious public demands that he's the heir apparent. I had mentally composed a snarky blog comparing Frank's behavior to an annoying little high school senior trying to be voted most popular in their yearbook.

    Sadly, Governor Patrick has accomplished what no other human could do. He appointed someone so under qualified and unremarkable that I now wish Barney Frank had won the popularity contest.

    I'm still not saying that Barney Frank would be my first choice. However, he does know his way around the halls of the capitol building. He would not be mistaken for a visitor who got separated from their tour.

    William "Mo" Cowan is not a better choice than Barney Frank. Mo may be a nice guy, and smart, but he's surely not the most qualified person for the job. Instead, Massachusetts now has a junior Senator who's the senior Senator and a nobody who's the junior, junior Senator.

    I'll have more to say later, stay tuned.

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