• Polito: Dead dog walking


    I can't believe that two elected officials care more about a dog than a mauled 6-year-old who will carry physical and emotional scars for the rest of his life. Wait a minute, I can believe it because politicians are full of what dog walkers are required to pick up with a used plastic grocery bag.

    For those of you who don't participate in social media, allow me to explain the issue that's been blowing up for days. On January 3, 6-year-old Christian Hebert was savaged by a neighbor's dog. The small boy was bit on the face and other parts of his body. Doctors used 400 stitches to close the wounds which were described by police as "deep and excessive."

    The young victim underwent extensive surgery to reattach some of the muscles and ligaments in his cheek. These physical wounds will require further surgery and ongoing treatment. What's worse is that two Mansfield Selectmen voted to perpetuate the torture of this small boy.

    Selectmen George Dentino and Doug Annino voted against euthanizing the dog in favor of sending him away to doggy discipline school where he could become a good boy and go back home. The problem is, home is right next door to little Christian. He was attacked while being babysat by a teenaged neighbor whose family owns the dog. This poor little boy would have to face his attacker every day. Fortunately, three of the Mansfield Selectmen were wise enough to realize that the dog should be put down.

    The spilt vote is a reflection of the constant chatter and bickering on both sides of this issue in the realm of social media. Like the vote, a slim majority believe the dog should be euthanized.

    I should probably let you know that the dog in question is not a dreaded Pit Bull. His name is Milo and he appears to be a mixed breed typical mutt. His owners say he has a condition known as "food aggression." I say he has a condition that requires a one way visit to the vet.

    Before you call me insensitive, you should know that I love dogs so much that I don't have one. My lifestyle and career keep me away from home for long hours. It would be unfair to the dog, and I think doggy day-care is foolish.

    Milo's owners plan to appeal his death sentence. It's sad that they can't see the obvious. A very good friend told me an interesting story after seeing reports of this attack on our newscast. This friend had a pet German Shepard. When his daughter was born, the dog appeared to behave mildly around the child. However, when she grew to a toddler, the dog lunged at her for no reason. My friend took his beloved pet to the vet and had it put down. It broke his heart, but he knew it was the right thing to do.

    Milo's family should be obedient to the majority decision of the Marshfield Board of Selectmen and do the right thing.

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