• Warren on Ferguson: Gov. should have 'acted sooner'


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- FOX 25 caught up with Senator Elizabeth Warren Tuesday to ask her about a variety of issues including the crisis in Ferguson, Missouri.

    We haven't had a chance to catch up with Warren in a few weeks, and the last time FOX 25's Political Reporter Sharman Sacchetti tried, Warren walked away.

    As the Mass. senator toured the VA Mobile Vet Center in Framingham, Sacchetti asked her a number of questions, starting with the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

    "Clearly it was a terrible thing that happened here. And then the Ferguson police badly overreacted," she said.

    When asked about the Governor Jay Nixon's response to the incident, Warren said, "You know I think the governor did the right thing when he stepped in. And I think he tried to put somebody in charge who would try to bring peace to the situation."

    She went on to say, "It took him a while to step in though, he's certainly getting some criticism for that. And rightly so. Look it took him a while to step in when it was perfectly clear that the local police had been out of line, and way overstepped and have created a volatile situation that was dangerous. And so in that sense, yeah the governor should have, should have acted earlier."

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