• Warren dodges FOX 25 question on immigration

    REVERE, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- For weeks we have been covering the governor's offer to house illegal immigrant children here in Mass. and the ongoing battle for control of Market Basket and up until Friday, US Senators hadn’t commented on either issue.

    Both Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren appeared at a news conference in Revere Friday, and while Markey openly spoke to our Political Reporter Sharman Sacchetti, Warren did not.

    This was the first time FOX 25 had the chance to address both of our senators since Governor Deval Patrick announced Mass. would be willing to house unaccompanied minors who illegally crossed the border.

    Sacchetti asked Warren about it, but she refused to answer the questions on immigration and flat out walked away. It happened after Warren was asked about the ongoing Market Basket controversy.

    "I'm really shocked that the management of Market Basket is talking about replacement workers. I think that's a terrible mistake on their part, I think that the management really risks destroying a lot of value in that company and a lot of value in having built up a workforce that treats the place like family. I'm just really shocked," Warren said.

    When asked if she would talk about the immigration issue, Warren said, "I'm just trying to talk to the people."

    At that point, Sacchetti agreed to wait to talk to Warren because a member of her staff said she was talking with the mayor's nieces. Seconds later, she bolted out a side door, while Sacchetti called to her to see if she'd address questions on immigration.

    Markey, on the other hand, did stay to answer questions. He agrees with what the governor is doing on the unaccompanied minors issue.

    “I think the governor has made the right decision and I think it’s important for the federal government to pay to ensure that that cost is borne by the federal government and not by the people of the state of Massachusetts,” he said.

    He went on to say, “Ultimately we will pass legislation, ultimately we will work to make sure that these children without parents are not left without help, but at the same time it is the federal government that is paying for it.”

    On Market Basket, Markey said he hopes it's resolved, but like Warren, wouldn't say if he'd get involved.

    “I would urge for there to be a peaceful resolution of this issue, I think it's very important for the employees that there be a way of solving this problem, that the parties get together and ensure ultimately the people who work there are the ones who are not harmed and that would be my hope,” he said.

    Sacchetti also asked Markey about recent reports that he is the top recipient of campaign contributions from lobbyists over the past year and a half. He said he is not influenced by the contributions and there's no impact on him.

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