• Poll says Warren is one of the 'hottest' politicians in the country


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Senior Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is earning more national attention after a new poll says she is one of the "hottest" politicians in the country.

    But why after just 15-months in office does she have such favorable name recognition? The new poll found that if the 2016 presidential race were a game of hot or not, Warren would win.

    She has already said she's not running for president, but she comes out ahead of people who likely are.

    So what's going on here?

    It's a poll about warmth and likeability, but it might be more about public relations than anything else. The Quinnipiac University poll found Warren as the hottest politician, with a "temperature" of 48.6.

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came in a close second, at 47.8, and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan fell into the third slot at 47.4.

    So where does New Jersey Governor Chris Christie fall? He's at a cool ninth, at 45.2.

    So how is it that after winning just her first election in 2012, Warren has rocketed in popularity?

    "She has really become a major player in an area that has a dirth of talent and that is consumers," Democratic Strategist Michael Goldman said.

    The Democrats say her anti-Wall Street, income inequality, student loans message is popular and resonates with the average person.

    "Because she's filled that void, and there's nobody else and there hasn't been for a while, she just fell into this huge vacuum and she's taken up the space politically," Goldman said.

    Republicans say Warren's messaging is just doublespeak and they think there's more to it.

    "Her message is at the core duplicitous. On one hand she talks about big business and the big money and the rich that are really the enemy of America. And on the other hand the biggest donors in this country, the wealthiest donors and the wealthiest democrats actually are supporting her and the Democratic party. So it's brilliant PR spin 29," Republican Strategist and owner of 'Fire It Up PR' Diane McNamara said.

    Dr. Bob Rosenthal is chair of the Communications and Journalism Department at Suffolk University and he says this has more to do with what the nation doesn't know, rather than what it does know.

    "We don't know a lot about Elizabeth Warren on the national level. We do in Massachusetts because of the Senatorial campaign but the nation really doesn't know Elizabeth Warren. So it's a honeymoon period for her, as opposed to Chris Christie who is saddled with 'Bridgegate' and let's face it Hillary Clinton has been in the national media now since the 90's," Rosenthal said.

    Some analysts say, these polls are largely meaningless and do nothing more than stir the pot, and get a candidate's name out there for you to start thinking about them.

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