• Patrick back from trade trip: 'I'm not the lawmaker in chief, I'm the chief executive'


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Is Governor Deval Patrick disengaged from the day to day business on Beacon Hill? The governor returned Thursday from a nearly two week trade mission to Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

    When FOX 25 Political Reporter Sharman Sacchetti asked if the governor felt as though Beacon Hill lawmakers believed he's disengaged in the waning days of his administration, Patrick said, "I'm not worried about that. I'm in touch with them, directly and through my team and as important as that is, Sharman, that isn't the full measure of what a governor is about. I'm not the lawmaker in chief, I’m the chief executive."

    What will Massachusetts have to show for the trade mission? Patrick could not give us an estimate on the number of jobs.

    The governor told us he was able to "open doors" and that it would be "up to business leaders and not for profits to walk through those doors."

    Patrick also said "we'll get investment and we'll get jobs," but could not provide an estimate on a number of jobs.

    The governor was gone almost a full two weeks. He missed the release of a long-awaited independent review of DCF, but said he has been in constant touch with the agency that conducted the investigation. Patrick called it an "important report," but said the CWLA just couldn't be there before his flight left. He says it was more important to get the information out there from the experts who actually did the report. He also told us people were waiting for him in Israel.

    "I had 120 or more people depending on me to be present with them at appointments we'd set up in Israel. It seemed to be perfectly effective and appropriate to go ahead without me rather than wait until I get back," he said.

    Patrick also missed two major bills unveiled by House Speaker Robert DeLeo, one on jobs and the economy and the other on gun violence.

    Patrick says he's delighted by both, and calls the economic bill similar to his.

    This was the governor's sixth trade mission in 18 months and he has not ruled out the possibility of taking another trip before he leaves.

    When asked, he said he didn't know. The trip he just returned from cost $175,000 dollars.

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