• MyFoxBoston.com web polls suggest jobs most important election issue


    According to an informal survey of MyFoxBoston.com users, jobs remains the top issue in the presidential election.

    On July 30, MyFoxBoston.com posted a question of the day asking users "The election is 99 days away, what issue will most affect your vote?"

    "Jobs" accounted for 68.5 percent of the responses to the poll. Gas prices came in second at 17.8 percent. Foreign policy had 8.1 percent of the vote and Gun Control had 5.6 percent.

    On August 29, the question, "What issue will most impact your vote in the Presidential election?" was presented. At 5 p.m., 67.1 percent of those who took the pool said Jobs was the most important issue. Gas prices, once again, came in second with 13.4 percent of the vote.

    A new response, "Abortion and Women's Issues" was added to the poll and it garnered 9.3 percent of the votes, while Foreign police had 6.6 percent and Gun Control had 3.7 percent.


    Poll Choice July 30 August 29
    Jobs 68.5% 67.1%
    Gas Prices 17.8% 13.4%
    Foreign Policy 8.1% 6.6%
    Gun Control 5.6% 3.7%
    Abortion/Womens Issues (Added 8/30) (N/A) 9.3%


    (Note: Polls on MyFoxBoston.com are to be used for entertainment purposes only. They are not to be considered scientific.)




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