• Legislation would prohibit sexual relationships in home during divorce


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Lawmakers on Beacon Hill are considering a bill that would prohibit people from dating or having a sexual relationship within their home while they are going through the process of getting a divorce.

    An Act relative to divorce, Bill S.787, was filed by State Sen. Richard Ross, a Republican from Wrentham, on behalf of former Wrentham Selectman Robert LeClair.

    Under the legislation, couples going through proceedings that involve children and a marital home would not be allowed to conduct relationships within the home until the divorce was finalized and custody issues were resolved. The only exception would be if they received "express permission" from the courts.

    The bill was referred to the committee on the Judiciary.

    Sen. Ross expressed his disappointment in the media coverage of the bill Monday, saying stories have portrayed him as the primary backer and supporter of the proposal.

    "This was a free petition that I filed at the request of a constituent," read a statement from Ross, in part. "I am not the sponsor of this legislation, nor have I ever endorsed or spoken in favor of it."

    Ross adds that while he does not support the proposal, he supports LeClair's right to participate in state government.

    A bill featuring the same language that was also filed by Ross at LeClair's request was referred to the committee on the judiciary in 2011.

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