• Latest in a series of hiccups for Coakley: Is history repeating itself?


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- When Martha Coakley announced her bid for governor, she said she'd learned from the past.

    Coakley is the candidate who famously wouldn't shake hands at Fenway Park, ran as a frontrunner believing she'd already won, but then lost to Scott Brown. Are we starting to see history repeat itself?

    It's the latest in a series of hiccups in her campaign for governor. Republicans posted a video of Coakley with the state's top cop parking in tow zones reserved for the fire department while she attends campaign fundraisers. This comes after FOX 25 learned Coakley hadn't reimbursed the state $11,000 for four-year old travel expenses related to her failed senate campaign against Brown.

    Coakley also incorrectly guessed the gas tax as 10 cents. It's 24-cents and automatic gas tax hikes are poised to be a key campaign issue this fall.

    Boston University Political Historian and Author Tom Whalen told FOX 25 that he believes it raises questions about how in-touch Coakley is.

    "It just looks bad. As the Commonwealth's chief law enforcement officer, she should exercise, I would think, better judgment," Whalen said.

    When FOX 25 Political Reporter Sharman Sacchetti asked Whalen if history is repeating itself, he said he thinks so.

    “She hasn't changed the narrative. She's tried to, rhetorically, but when people see actions like this, they're gonna shake their heads and say same old Martha," he said.

    Coakley's statement on parking points out that as attorney general she has state police protection and referred us to state police.

    State police say they have no problem with it, but voters may see it differently.

    "Her campaign is based on competence," Whalen said. "She sure has not been acting in a competent manner over the last few weeks and I think that's going to put doubts in voters’ minds whether she will be the right choice to run the state."

    Coakley is the clear frontrunner, well ahead of the four other Democratic opponents.

    Republican Charlie Baker was also trailing Coakley in the latest polls.

    "If she was running against anyone but Charlie Baker, who is not exactly in touch with voters himself, I think she'd be buried right now. She'd be in a lot of trouble," Whalen said.

    Baker's Campaign Press Secretary Tim Buckley did release the following statement Friday: “Charlie understands law enforcement officials have a job to do, but given Coakley is unaware of the gas tax and used taxpayer dollars to finance her campaign travel, it is clear she is out of touch with the realities Massachusetts drivers face every day, and concerning that she continues to blur the line between campaign activity and official business."

    We tried to speak with Coakley Friday, but her campaign refused.

    The Democrats will hold their convention next month, and we'll find out if there will be a primary.

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