• Is Markey's gun bill just more regulations on lawful gun owners?


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Senator Ed Markey has unveiled a new gun control measure he says will make you safer.

    It would mandate special technology on guns that are newly sold, so they can only be used by their rightful owners.

    "It basically says, going forward, if you have a gun, you keep your gun, and you're fine. But if you're going to be selling it, then it has to have a code in it, in order to ensure we know who is using that gun in the years ahead," Markey told Fox25 Political Reporter Sharman Sacchetti.

    When Sacchetti asked if his measure would just impose more restrictions on lawful gun owners, Markey said, "This is a public health issue."

    Markey compared any possible industry pushback to that from other industries that have faced regulation, using examples like seatbelt laws, childproof safety caps, or even big tobacco.

    He believes this wouldn't cost much, and would work in a life or death situation.

    "Technology will work," he said. "When people have an Iphone today they just pop in their code. It takes under two seconds."

    Markey's measure is also calling for more federal funding for research on gun violence.

    Gun control measures have proven to be a tough sell in Congress. Markey could not name any senators that support this measure yet, but did add he would attempt to "build" that support.

    After the mass shooting at Newtown, the senate rejected a background check bill, and a ban on assault weapons.

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