Flights filled with immigration detainees land in Mass.


BOSTON ( -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement is confirming that flights filled with immigration detainees are landing in Massachusetts.

Mass. State Police say so far four of the stops have been at Hanscom, two at Logan airport. That makes six planes in total. We know at least two of those flights happened during the last couple of weeks.

ICE confirms these are commercial, ICE-owned, chartered planes carrying detainees, and that this is all part of the normal removal process.

A spokesman said the immigrants transferred to the New England area are detained in custody, pending the outcome of their immigration proceedings. The agency said transfers happen on a daily basis across the country for a variety of reasons.

What we don't know, is exactly why these planes are stopping here in the Commonwealth, or where the immigration detainees are going after they arrive. According to an ICE spokesman, that's determined on a case by case basis.

Governor Patrick said he didn't know anything about it.

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