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Does Charlie Baker have a problem when it comes to women's issues?



BOSTON ( -- Women are set to play a big role in the November election. If elected, candidate Martha Coakley would be the first elected female governor. And candidate Charlie Baker is working hard to win over women voters, whom he lost in 2010 by 24 points.

Baker has been trying to gain more votes from women before the upcoming election, which may be why changed his mind regarding the NFL Commissioner and recent decisions made by the league involving domestic violence. Even though polls show the race is in a dead heat, they also show with women, Baker is trailing Coakley by double digits. His commercials, featuring his daughter and his wife, target women.

Monday, Baker did shake up his campaign by changing out the firm that runs his media strategy, he says it was just over a disagreement. When our political reporter Sharman Sacchetti mentioned that Democrats believe that could mean the start of negative ads and tried to ask him a question, Baker said, "Okay this is going to be the last one, sweetheart."

Baker called Sacchetti personally to apologize and told her he respects her as a reporter. She accepted his apology and thanked him for calling.

Baker's campaign has been critical of Coakley for using the NFL issue for political attacks. He said his campaign is the same, he's sticking with a positive, upbeat message.

When FOX 25's Political Reporter Sharman Sacchetti asked Baker at a "Women for Charlie Event" last week whether or not NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should be fired, he paused and said he needed more data.

For days the Coakley campaign hammered him and said she didn't need more information. Then she used his comments to boost her record on domestic violence. Tuesday, days later, Baker does an about-face and Sacchetti asked him if it was politically convenient to say that Goodell should be fired at this point.

"No, I think my standard operating procedure on almost anything is to try to collect as much information as I can to be comfortable that I have enough facts to make a decision. And in this particular case, after I had a chance to review the footage of a news conference and to follow some of the stories that were written that laid out the timeline, it was pretty clear that to me anyway, that the NFL had misrepresented a number of key issues and therefore it was time for the commissioner to resign," Baker said.

All of it underscores the importance of women in this race.