• Congressman Lynch on Bergdahl: We need to do a full investigation here


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – FOX 25 reached out to our entire Congressional Delegation to find out where each member stood on the political firestorm surrounding the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

    Congressman Stephen Lynch says he wants answers from the White House about why it decided to release dangerous prisoners to free Bergdahl, and not even tell congress about it.

    "I think we need to do a full investigation here to really find out how all this came down," he said. "Four of them out of the five that were released, they were very bad. They were top level Taliban commanders," he told FOX 25 Political Reporter Sharman Sacchetti.

    Lynch has visited Guantanamo and is familiar with the charges against the detainees. He says he has serious concerns about them returning to the battlefield, because "they were the worst of the worst, one of them not so much."

    The controversy surrounding Bergdahl himself continues to grow.

    Lynch says it's possible the situation could have been better vetted if in fact the White House had followed the law and notified Congress.

    "One can only wonder if this had gone down the way it did if Congress had been appraised of the deal that was pending," he said.

    Representative Joe Kennedy tells us he also has questions for the White House.

    "Congress needs to be brought up to speed on this and I think we deserve a chance to ask those questions and the White House, I think, should answer them," he said.

    Kennedy says he wants to wait to hear the facts before speculating further.

    "I think the White House does have to give Congress and the American public answers to some very serious questions undoubtedly," he said.

    Ultimately both say they're pleased Bergdahl is no longer being held.

    In a statement, Congressman Mike Capuano said fair questions are being raised about the desertion allegations, but that they should be debated here in America and not in a Taliban prison. He also is glad Bergdahl was returned safely. It's unclear where Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren stand on the issue, as both have not returned calls or emails.

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