• Coakley unclear on how to pay for education plan


    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- State Attorney General Martha Coakley would not clearly answer a question about how to pay for her education plan.
    State Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley couldn't clearly answer a question about how she would pay for her education proposal if she wins the race for governor in 2014.  

    During the FOX 25 News at 5, political reporter Sharman Sacchetti asked Coakley about a statement she had made previously about funding her plan by "shifting resources." When asked which resources, Coakley told us "specifically we now spend a lot of time for instance on incarceration of people, and I think we need to take a look at whether we can do more around prevention."  

    When pressed on how to pay for it, Coakley was vague, and told us "We pay a lot now for a lot of things we do in state government. My approach as Governor would be to look at what is in the budget, as revenues come in, we look at what our long term investments are what we want to do. I believe that if we are willing to invest in this up front, we save a lot of short term and long term monies. One example is keeping people out of jail because it's better for our public safety, it will cost less money, if we make that investment in our kids."

    To see Coakley's full interview, click here.

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